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MFG: Attitube Amp - G20
Price: $1399
Wait time:2-4 Weeks

Custom Guitar Boutique is proud to introduce the AttiTube G20 to the US Market.

A unique hand-wired 20-Watt vacuum tube guitar amplifier - modern styling matched with classic tube amplifier tone.

The AttiTube G20 features two EL84 tubes in the output stage and two 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp. It provides volume and tone control and a three-way mode switch.

AttiTube G20 Amps are supplied with a 12-inch speaker cabinet. The G20 without a doubt stand out from other conventional tube amplifiers in the market place both in style and in sound quality. The 20-Watt amplifier is hand crafted and uses its own customized oil condensers that are rarely found on other tube amplifiers. The G20 has a unique output transformer which is designed and built in-house. The design is from Geniel Lim, a tube amplifier designer and specialist with 50 years of experience.

The included 12" speaker is a perfect companion for the amplifier with its aluminum case. The speaker is housed in a distinctive high gloss white cabinet, which complements the G20.

NY Amp Show '09-Shaman Guitars JPM Standard & AttiTube G20 Amp: